Celebrating A Community of Caring, Design + Decor, Florida Winter 2023

Celebrating A Community of Caring

FEATURED IN Design + Decor: Naples Winter 2023

Hurricane Ian caused much devastation to our community. Like many, with help we were able to help people deal with their unthinkable loss and get back into their homes.

Gaby Saad happened upon one certain woman and Mickey Dickson Marzucco offered to facilitate doing what was needed in assisting them.

We should all be very proud of the people who surround us—working for purpose, not profit, when able to do so. Neighbors and colleagues stepped up and gave what they could without hesitation. “We will help you,” gave this family a ray of sunshine and hope (a light from God) to know that this too, they will overcome.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you to all who said, “Yes, I will help out.” We know it was with heartfelt meaning that made this happen.

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