Design + Decor 2022 Front Cover for Jungle Love, featuring Mickey Marzucco Dickson of Ecru & Ebony Design.

Jungle Love: Design + Decor Florida

FEATURED IN DESIGN + DECOR Florida / pages 76-77

How do you interpret the theme of Jungle Love?
With simplicity and grace.

In large scale applications, how would you balance this theme without being overboard?
Animal prints are meant to be one-offs. There is a fine line between jungle love and a jungle. Strong prints are meant to contribute to a room, never to overwhelm it.

When thinking of designing in a jungle theme, we often think first of animal prints, patterns, and botanicals. What are some of the other elements that bring a softer ode to this?
Natural materials and fibers. We’ve used raffia and bamboo, and faux fur as a shower curtain.

The array of embossed leathers, hide rugs, and objects can contribute to the theme. Shaped mirrors, themed accessories — all of these are more subtle ways to incorporate a jungle theme.

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